Big Buddy Network – a response to the corona virus

by | Mar 25, 2020 | News

What days! Of the 11 of us who gathered on 24 March to create the Big Buddy Network, four had been laid off from jobs in the last week. The Big Buddy Network is a response to that, and to the covid-19 pandemic. Here’s what we talked about.

• Can a buddy network be deployed at scale to create support for those whose social or business contacts are frozen by quarantine measures?

• Can the project provide meaningful work for a small team of people?

• Can we create an income-generating gig through the platform for those who want to share their enthusiasm for fitness, music and other pursuits people can take daily action on when housebound?

Do get in touch if you can play a part. We know our concept and there’s a lot to do to deploy this rapidly.