Choose your way to give Habitmaking a try

Habitmakers Membership

Habitmakers membership

This is our membership platform for Habitmakers. Members can join our fortnighly Meet-up and Match session, where they’ll be matched with a new buddy for the fortnight ahead. There’s access to an online membership platform, community and a monthly Effortless Habits® coached support call. Member get access to free online resources and a 30% discount on Habitmakers courses and events.

Effortless Habits® Coaching

This is the most fabulous journey. We will work together to let go of the craving and aversion that makes, not just good habits, but life itself a struggle. You’ll experience increasing freedom and joy and I’ll help you learn the Habitmakers process. A good option is to combine your coaching journey with membership in Habitmakers to provide added support. 

The Manifestation Game

Habitmakers membership

In the Manifestation Game, we begin by getting clear about the authentic goals and results you’d like to bring about. Then we work to strengthen your why, building strong intention and a clear vision of your desired results. Then we divide into two groups for an engaging, exciting team effort to get your goals over the line. It’s a fun, high-energy month to create real momentum behind your goal or your habits-led life shift.